Big Boss

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

today 14 nov...after a long time i feel to write.. yesterday was Diwali  i dunno how other celebrate it , but for me it was normal, as normally i missed my grandmother same as every year on Diwali night,  lets jump on the topic which make me write this post........
there  a tv program named BIG BOSS in Tv... in this they put few tv & movie celebrities in a big house for 90 days and every week they keep kicking out the less famous one,. last one standing wins....... i used to see this from last month, today on 14 nov they showing the episode of 13 nov  ( i mean Diwali day)  i see people in home got gifts from there  family.....  5 people's family send them gifts chocolate box and family pics and some handmade drawings............ some of them didn't got any gift from there family or relatives or friends...............time to time  all of them start crying......... this make me think that.....young or old...everyone want something from there near and dear once........... i dunno what is life without people around us....many time i see people work and work and work........they didnt have time for family..........i actually dunno why people living and  for what.......i hope if someone read this....they must realize that family is for everyone who near u and never miss  a chance to show ur regards..........a simple word...a simple gift  even a simple tap on shoulder is enough too...... i thinks this the only thing differ us from animals na

10 Stories

Monday, June 11, 2012

10 stories because whenever i have to tell someone something, i use to say in story, its interesting way to tell people about there mistakes( just to smart people) in very old time, my girlfriend always do lot of i used to say her these stories, sometime i make them on the spot to clear my point, its easy, some people who know me from long time they know me and they know how i give example with stories, so from today i will write 1 story per day in the blog, its been long time since i write the blog.. so i wanna do little progress here too, here  coming story # 1, i normally use birds animals in stories to make it more  interesting or in other words more easy,, here we  go :-
one day "god of good time" and "god of bad time" meet on Saturday, god of BAD time see "god of Good time" and smile, "god of good time" asked, brother why you smiling,
god of bad time says " i smile because i see tomorrow bad time come to you"
good of good time got worried and think all night, in morning he wake up and think ,' if god of bad time cant find me , so he cant give me bad time, better i be any animal, so he cant find me"
god of good time come to earth and become chicken, all Sunday he stay as chicken and in night he go back to heaven.
on monday both god meet again and now "god of good time laugh" he ask "god of bad time " brother u said i get bad time on sunday, but i didnt have any bad time, u was wrong"
god of bad time reply " brother you are god and  you stay as chicken all day, what more bad you expect" ( end story)
target of the story is = your thinking is your worse enemy, sometime u do things which create more problems,, think positive, thinking not solve anything, talking better then thinking alone~

Lost without You (salman & Fatima)

Monday, April 23, 2012

1 day someone wake me and tell me the fatima died ... fatima was a old woman who lived near by me, she and her husband live alone, coz there kids move to the big city, i always saw fatima and her husband "salman" as a very happy couple. they always smile making little jokes and welcoming. all day i see salman asking fatima for this and that, and fatima gladly doing all he want, they were very happy together, and now fatima died, she sleep in night and not wake up in morning, she died on sunday when both of them go to visit the orphan kids, funeral was done and kids of salman come to live with him,

but he was not that salman now , its been 2 weeks since fatima died but we didnt see salman talking to anyone, we didnt see him crying, from that day he didnt eat well, when someone talk to him he reply normally but his face not match his words, all were sad coz of fatima's death and now we are more sad to see salman as lost in himself, one day in winter, salmans son knock my Door , he said salman is not in his bed,

i run quickly outside to find him, soon watchman told us that he see someone going toward the graveyard, first we scared
then we run
when we reach in grave yard
we see salman was there
fallen on fatima's Grave by Face.... we try to move him , he was dead,
he was dead on his wife's grave,
we move him and i see his both hand was holding something inside
we try to open it
he was holding sand from his wifes grave...coz he miss her....coz he love her
he is keeping her with him in their Last Moment ........

Remind me IF

i have 4 kids in my home ( 2 from 1st brother and 2 from 2nd bro) .
there names are= Gitansh(b), AArman(b), Radha(g),Aniya(g)
coz of study in different cities they got together just 4-5 times a year, so to i decide to let them create some memories of this time . in April i give them a notebook and tell them to write something good abt each other.... since then they got together 3 time and on the last day of there meet they write, some good words abt each other....
2 day ago while we all were watching movie,i got an idea...i come home and tell kids to think = what they want others to do after 20 year = there answers were =
Gitansh = i want aarman learn Driving car from me( coz he already teaching cycle)
AArman = i wanna gugu(nickname of gitansh) come with me to see all movies
Radha = i want Aniya and me learn dance together
Aniya = i want aarman come to study in our home( coz he study away from home)
after they finish , they gone to play...and later come back after 30 min....and they ask me...what me want they do after 20 year...i got surprised that they count me as one of them.....but i say " after 20 year.. remind me, my name if i forget"
they didnt understand and they didnt know the real meaning of this line too...but m sure after 20 year..this tree become big and these kids have something very old to keep near there heart = The Dairy of there meetings

Never Let Go

Boy proposed a Girl : The Girl said No...
But the Boy was not sad..
His frnds asked him don't you feel sad .??
The Boy replied :"I lost the one who never loved me,
But she lost the one who really loved her... :(
Not Easy to find someone u love in 600 billion people. if u got one , keep it close, and if someone have one, dont even try to break them, u can see how bad they look, but u cant see how deeply they love~ ( i support all good or bad couples personally ) © 2011 | Designed by Deepe