Lost without You (salman & Fatima)

Monday, April 23, 2012

1 day someone wake me and tell me the fatima died ... fatima was a old woman who lived near by me, she and her husband live alone, coz there kids move to the big city, i always saw fatima and her husband "salman" as a very happy couple. they always smile making little jokes and welcoming. all day i see salman asking fatima for this and that, and fatima gladly doing all he want, they were very happy together, and now fatima died, she sleep in night and not wake up in morning, she died on sunday when both of them go to visit the orphan kids, funeral was done and kids of salman come to live with him,

but he was not that salman now , its been 2 weeks since fatima died but we didnt see salman talking to anyone, we didnt see him crying, from that day he didnt eat well, when someone talk to him he reply normally but his face not match his words, all were sad coz of fatima's death and now we are more sad to see salman as lost in himself, one day in winter, salmans son knock my Door , he said salman is not in his bed,

i run quickly outside to find him, soon watchman told us that he see someone going toward the graveyard, first we scared
then we run
when we reach in grave yard
we see salman was there
fallen on fatima's Grave by Face.... we try to move him , he was dead,
he was dead on his wife's grave,
we move him and i see his both hand was holding something inside
we try to open it
he was holding sand from his wifes grave...coz he miss her....coz he love her
he is keeping her with him in their Last Moment ........

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