10 Stories

Monday, June 11, 2012

10 stories because whenever i have to tell someone something, i use to say in story, its interesting way to tell people about there mistakes( just to smart people) in very old time, my girlfriend always do lot of mistakes...so i used to say her these stories, sometime i make them on the spot to clear my point, its easy, some people who know me from long time they know me and they know how i give example with stories, so from today i will write 1 story per day in the blog, its been long time since i write the blog.. so i wanna do little progress here too, here  coming story # 1, i normally use birds animals in stories to make it more  interesting or in other words more easy,, here we  go :-
one day "god of good time" and "god of bad time" meet on Saturday, god of BAD time see "god of Good time" and smile, "god of good time" asked, brother why you smiling,
god of bad time says " i smile because i see tomorrow bad time come to you"
good of good time got worried and think all night, in morning he wake up and think ,' if god of bad time cant find me , so he cant give me bad time, better i be any animal, so he cant find me"
god of good time come to earth and become chicken, all Sunday he stay as chicken and in night he go back to heaven.
on monday both god meet again and now "god of good time laugh" he ask "god of bad time " brother u said i get bad time on sunday, but i didnt have any bad time, u was wrong"
god of bad time reply " brother you are god and  you stay as chicken all day, what more bad you expect" ( end story)
target of the story is = your thinking is your worse enemy, sometime u do things which create more problems,, think positive, thinking not solve anything, talking better then thinking alone~

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