Remind me IF

Monday, April 23, 2012

i have 4 kids in my home ( 2 from 1st brother and 2 from 2nd bro) .
there names are= Gitansh(b), AArman(b), Radha(g),Aniya(g)
coz of study in different cities they got together just 4-5 times a year, so to i decide to let them create some memories of this time . in April i give them a notebook and tell them to write something good abt each other.... since then they got together 3 time and on the last day of there meet they write, some good words abt each other....
2 day ago while we all were watching movie,i got an idea...i come home and tell kids to think = what they want others to do after 20 year = there answers were =
Gitansh = i want aarman learn Driving car from me( coz he already teaching cycle)
AArman = i wanna gugu(nickname of gitansh) come with me to see all movies
Radha = i want Aniya and me learn dance together
Aniya = i want aarman come to study in our home( coz he study away from home)
after they finish , they gone to play...and later come back after 30 min....and they ask me...what me want they do after 20 year...i got surprised that they count me as one of them.....but i say " after 20 year.. remind me, my name if i forget"
they didnt understand and they didnt know the real meaning of this line too...but m sure after 20 year..this tree become big and these kids have something very old to keep near there heart = The Dairy of there meetings © 2011 | Designed by Deepe